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Sylacauga is a city known as the “The Marble City” , “The Cog” and “Alabama’s Best Kept Secret” which is situated in the United States  in Talladega County, Alabama. Sylacauga Marble is widely known as the Alabama Marble which is found in Talladega County, Alabama. Sylacauga marble is the whitest marble which was discovered 160 years ago and it is basically used in building , sculpture and industries. Sylacauga marble mainly occurs in a line which is approximately 51 km in length and the deposit is under 600 feet. It runs from the Coosa river to the south till Talladega. According to a survey it has a population around 12.264 in 2017. Climate is this beautiful town has two phases like hot and humid summers and mild to cold winters. 

Majorly the workforce of this town is engaged in manufacturing occupations while healthcare and education are on the second spot if we talk about the occupation preferences of people here. Some of the places of interest here include The Sylacauga Public Library  which was founded in 1936 and it is named after the former governor of Alabama “B.B Comer”.  Another place of interest is Isabel Anderson Comer Museum and Arts Center which opened in 1985. This museum contains information regarding the geological history of the Sylacauga marble and the works of Italian sculptor Giuseppe Moretti, his assistant and his contemporary artists. Other places of interest are also there like doing some outdoor activities in the Noble park which has a playground, picnic spots, grill areas and a quarter- mile walking track, a city poll is there which is converted into in indoor pool in the winters, Marble city BMX Track and skate park, lake howard which include areas where you can enjoy going for boating and fishing. Several neighbourhood parks also there  for recreational purposes. It has a Sylaward trail hic is a 24 km long hike and bike trail which runs through The Talladega National Forests. For more entertainment you have two golf courses here and Sylacauga Country Club and Farm Links.

Despite being a small city with not very much population you can come here and try out doing many things. Mostly people living her were the whites but people from other races like asians. Africa’s and others are also living here peacefully without any problem. On an average you will find at least 3 star hotels here but this is just an average not the exact figure. 

Infrastructure here is developed  enough to fulfill the basic need of every individual. You can visit the place by driving your own car as it is well connected from US highway 280 and 231, you can try three major railroads here which includes The eastern Alabama Railway, CSX and Norfolk Southern. For outside visitors this city is connected by air facility also named Lee Merkle Field. 

You cannot say that it the best tourist attraction and a place which you must visit but you can come here to relax you mind and soul for some time and enjoy doing some recreational activities and visit some places of interest.

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