Pokemon Go Tricks and Tips


Pokemon Go’s basics are easy and fun. You move, you pick up Pokemon, you pick up as much as you can and you use Pokestops to fill up your bag to support your trainer along the way. But you’ve got a lot more to consider when it comes to mastering the game. 

Pokemon Go Hack and cheats are available online on many platforms but that can be done once you have mastered the game in a fair way and after that, you can choose to go for the Pokemon go cheats options. Here are some tips or tricks to master the game like a pro player.

Use your incubators wisely to hatch your eggs

You will get some Pokemon egg and get an XP and raise candies when you have placed them through the incubator or walked the distance needed-2 km, 5 km, 7 km or 10 km. You might get some eggs from the Pokestops. Don’t spend 3x incubators and use 10kms of eggs for them. For these fast 2 km eggs, use your free incubator.

Power Up your pokemons only after earning enough XP

If your XP is low it will cause you more candies for powering your Pokemon, So it is easier to save your Pokemon power-ups to a higher level of XP – just like above level 20. Take some of these things to help you gain XP quickly: Use a lucky egg if you play regularly, evolve initial pokemon with extra candy-like Pidgey or Rattata, catch almost anything, battle with your mates, get XP out of gym.

Earn candy by transferring pokemons

There is a method to pass Pokemon to the professor in exchange for Candy for this same Pokemon type. You can then move Pokemon you do not need, having caught a Pokemon and the Stardust and Candy they carry. This helps you in evolving your pokemons.

Spin Every Pokestop

You do not have to press everything when you encounter a pokestop and move the pokestop. Only press the X below to minimize the stop and you will be rewarded instantly. Keep in mind that if you get lunch or coffee near a PokeStop, it takes a few minutes to get there, and you can visit the stopover again and again.

Fight raid battles you can win easily

You’ll fail, and have to revive your pokemon after the battle and you have to treat it with potions if you do not have enough powerful Pokemon or a group of friends to battle with. So before you begin, test the strength of the Pokemon at the Raid Battle.

Use the lucky egg wisely

For 30 minutes, Lucky Egg is going to double the XP. Do not just drop it at random, but consider using it for maximum profit, so that your trainer can boost his level. You might be coming to a new and busy spot and you know that you are going to catch or hatch Pokemon, or that many gyms are there for you to fight –and win.

Using Adventure Sync

A new update to Pokemon Go, the movement monitor on your mobile will now be synchronized to stop you from having to open an app all the time. Switch on the Adventure Sync feature in the settings of your device and then you can hatch these eggs more easily when you just move. Although you don’t play, all the moving you do gets the benefit.

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