Doctor Petit Brabancon

Joey was a thirteen year old child artist living in Los Angeles, he was a household name because of the characters he played in various sitcoms and shows. He had everything a child could ask for- a beautiful and huge mansion, loving and doting parents, best of teachers who came to his home to teach him , so many friends and a glamorous job. He had it all, but something was bothering him, although he was thankful to God, but he was not absolutely happy. He used to smile but there was always an element of blankness on his face , he used to feel empty inside, but he couldn’t describe it to his parents because he never wanted to bother him. But these things can’t be hidden for a very long time, his teachers started to notice the change in his behavior and informed about it to his parents, they suggested them to take Joey to a therapist.

Joey’s parents took no time and took him to the therapist, Joey did not open up in the first few meetings but eventually he started to interact with the therapist about his feelings and what actually was he thinking, the therapist listened to him carefully and eventually down the line he computed that Joey was suffering from depression. He craved for the lifestyle a normal teenager would have, he wanted a regular school, regular friends, anonymous life but because he was famous, his friends used him for fake attention and fifteen minutes of fame. So, instead of prescribing medicines, the therapist suggested to buy a dog for Joey for starters, as a dog’s unconditional love and affection could even melt the toughest of hearts. The parents thought it was a wonderful idea so, they gifted Joey a dog on his fourteenth birthday. They decided that they would give him a petit brabancon as the temperament of a petit brabancon is jolly and cute. Joey was happy that he had a furry playmate with him but he did not react like other children would do. He was still in a state of melancholy.

Joey in the beginning would never play with the dog, he did not even name the dog, but the dog was full of enthusiasm and love. He would follow Joey everywhere and lick his feet and look at him with loving eyes. Eventually down the line , Joey started to pick him up and smile . Joey named him Chandler because of the show FRIENDS, as on the show, Joey and Chandler were best friends. Joey started smiling more and giggle as the dog was a goofball and very quirky. Joey and Chandler were absolutely inseperable and Joey was now a happy kid. He was the jolly and happy kid that his parents knew. Joey’s parents addressed the dog as Doctor Chandler as he treated Joey with his love and affection.

It is very rightly said “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.” – Josh Billings

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