Golf Clash Boss: A Guide With Tips And Major Features


Golf clash boss is an online 1 vs 1 game where you need to pot the poll in the hole by using your skills and precision. The other player who is in battle tries to do the same things and whosoever pots the ball first wins the game. This is an online golf game available for windows, ios and android platforms for free. It is a simple game to play with no hard and fast rules but yet people find it difficult to play and master this game. It is one of the very famous games and you need to be very careful in winning games as it requires concentration and your in-game skills only bring you the victory. You can get more information about the game from Here all the major details are mentioned for the users but to know about the game in brief you should keep on reading this article.

Game Features

Challenge Real-Time Player

The game is played online in a 1 vs 1 battle where you do not know about the player who is playing against you. Although the player would be on the same level as you are, you still have no idea about his or her playing technique and the skills that person has got. You can challenge anytime and anyone in the game and once you win the game you are rewarded with chests and coins which are used to upgrade your in-game character. The online functionality of this game makes it more interesting and you will be addicted to the game once you start winning matches.

Play Weekly Tournaments

Apart from normal games that you play against different players all around the globe, some weekly tournaments are also held every week in this game to make it more interesting and more rewarding for the players. The weekly tournaments provide you three chances to qualify for the main tournament where you will face all the players who played and won their entry-based matches just like you and then you will compete against them in a 1 vs 1 battle.  Once you win the whole tournament, you are rewarded in a big way by a large number of game coins, chests, and other game upgrading stuff.

Play Different Tours

There are definitely various levels in every game but in this game, you advance by the tours. Once you start playing the basic tour and after completing that tour you will unlock another tour where you get new ground and new players to compete with. With every tour, the difficulty level goes up and you have to be more selective with your every shot and play it with ultimate precision. As you move further in every tour you unlock more game stuff that can be used to unlock the full potential of your in-game player. 

Upgrade With Coins and Chests

As you must know that every game has some sort of in-game currently which helps in boosting your character and in this game you can do it with the help of coins. Coins can be acquired from many sources like when you compete against players and when you win you are rewarded with coins, you get coins through your friends, you get coins through ads, and at last, you get free coins through chests as well. Chests are also in the game to let you upgrade but the chest apart for coins offers many other things that can give an ultimate boost to your skills and game.

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