How Adulthood Separated Childhood Friends


In our adulthood, we experience new friendships at work, at college, at universities or wherever we go but the childhood friends that we made earlier will always stay in our hearts with some great memories. It is one of the most beautiful feeling when we make friends at our school or nearby our home. Those friendships are made without anything in your mind. Those friendships are made with heart. 

When we move into adulthood we are likely to be busy and occupied all the time due to work pressure and family pressure and we have no time to remember small things that we did in our childhood. As we grow older we move to different locations to study or to take over some jobs. With this step we take in our life, our childhood friends get separated as we all move to different directions in our lives.  

These new lives, this adulthood state is the only reason why those childhood friends have to shift apart from each other. In our childhood we never really thought that one day this will be going to happen, even if we said that we will be going to some other state in the coming future we never felt that pain of living apart from each other. As time passes on and we become more mature with our thought process we started experiences these little changes.

The changes we thought would never affect us in childhood hits us really hard when we grow into our adulthood state. Even though we are connected to each other on every social media platform and we are looking at what’s happening into another person’s life we are still apart and not even talking as we all are super busy in making new relationships and friendships. 

Maybe we have everything we wanted as a child but now we do not share things like we used to share in our childhood. But this does not mean we never talk with one another, we are maintaining our friendship by talking to each other and remembering our childhood times and how we used to play with each other. We rarely talk to each other but still, there are some factors that realize us about our childhood friendship. 

Whenever we get time, we used to give each other a visit. We all belong to the same place but we are just placed apart due to our job responsibilities. So, when we all visit our home at some festivals or some special occasions we always meet with each other and go for an outing. Maybe we have made new friends in our life now, but this childhood friendship remained the same. 

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