Money That Poor People Make Out Of Their Work


Poor people are everywhere in this world and if you say that the developed countries do not have any poor population living there, then you may be wrong. India is not a developed country but it is still developing at a very fast pace and trying to move into the list of the developed economies. Here, a large population of people lives below the poverty line and they do not have access to many basic things as well.

Do you think all poor people are like this only? Do you think that if you do not have enough knowledge and a degree you won’t be able to make money? Well, you are wrong here, as we have seen many people who are involved in small works but earn more than a person who just completed his or her graduation and goes for the initial job. Look here how much money these poor people earn from various work that they do for a living.

Cycle Rickshaw Driver

There is no doubt that driving a cycle rickshaw is a very difficult task and it takes a great amount of strength, stamina, and power to pull that rickshaw with passengers sitting at the back. Although the demand for these rickshaws has decreased with the introduction of electric rickshaws, there are still lower-class people who cannot afford electric rickshaws, but cycle rickshaws and earn money. The cycle rickshaw price in India is very low as compared to electric rickshaws. The cycle rickshaw drivers on average earn 300-800 rupees every day.

Automobile Mechanic

Automobile mechanics include all the mechanics that repairs cars, cycles, bikes, and other heavy-duty vehicles. All the mechanics on average earns around 500-1000 rupees every day by repairing all the vehicles. Mostly the car and bike mechanics are paid well and they even earn more than 1500 rupees on some days. There are a lot of vehicles on roads and wear and tear of vehicles is very common and thus mechanics will always have a lot of potential for earning more. They are also not area-specific and state-specific, every state and every region needs them and their work won’t be affected even if the prices go up or down.

Daily Wage Labourers

Daily wage laborers are the people who are employed at various tasks by the people who live nearby. They are generally those people who can be seen mostly at the construction sites where new houses, buildings, or offices are being built. They are paid according to the work that they are doing and the head of those laborers are paid more as compared to others. On average, they are paid around 500-1000 based on their everyday work.

Street Food Vendors

Street food vendors are the people who earn the most among these people in this list. As you all know people love to try new dishes and Indian food is full of different varieties. If you go to places like Delhi, you will find a lot of street food vendors surrounded by a lot of people every time of the day. Some people do not even work for the whole day and still manage to earn more than 1000 per day by selling street foods here in Delhi. On average, a normal street food vendor earns a rough figure of around 1500-2500 per day and this figure sometimes even goes further up and reaches 3000 as well.

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