Situation Where You Should Not Use Hand Sanitizers


Due to this pandemic, everyone is dependent on using hand sanitizer everywhere. Now the hand sanitizers are the most essential things that need to be there in your backpack or in your pocket even if you are going to shop for groceries from the market. Even the shopkeepers and stores do not allow people inside their outlets if they have not sanitized their hands with hand sanitizer. The pandemic has created a sense in the minds of the people that even touching anything outside might bring germs and viruses to your body, so it is better you sanitize your hands after touching anything. However, there are certain situations where you must not use the hand sanitizer and avoid anyone else using it.

When Hands Are Visibly Dirty

When you can see that your hands are visibly dirty then there is no point in using hand sanitizer as it will not remove that much dirt from your hands. It is meant to clean your hands from normal viruses that cannot be seen with your eyes. If you have done some work like gardening, played any sport outside, your hands come in contact with the soil, mud, and dust which can be washed away only by using soap and other foam-based things.

When Someone Sneezes Near You

There is no need to use your sanitizer when someone sitting near your sneezes as the virus or bacteria will travel by air rather than by your hands. Here your face mask or face shield will help you in protecting against the airborne virus or bacteria. However, if someone sneezes on your hand then you can use your hand sanitizer to keep your hands safe from the bacteria. Otherwise, there is no need to use hand sanitizer use other precautionary means to protect yourself.

Don’t Use It On Your Clothes

There are some people who think that when someone sneezes near you or if you get dirty due to anything, then using the sanitizer would help in removing the virus from the clothes. There is no point in using sanitizer on your clothes. Some people even ask, “Does hand sanitizer stain”? The answer is yes and that is why you should never use them on your clothes. The sanitize contains bleach and alcohol which damages your cloth and leaves a mark on your cloth. So, you should avoid using sanitizer on your clothes anytime.

When You Haven’t Touched Anything

Nowadays people are obsessed with using hand sanitizer even when they haven’t touched anything outside. This leads to the overuse or abuse of the hand sanitizer and using it that much can lead to skin issues like rashes and irritation. If you are outside and you haven’t touched anything outside, you should not use hand sanitizer. If you are coming home after going out it’s better that you wash your hands with soap rather than sanitizing them.

You Just Sanitized Some Time Back

If you used your alcohol-based hand sanitizer for like 10 minutes back, then there is no need to sanitize your hands so frequently. A simple example will help you in understanding this, suppose you applied a  lotion to your arms, do you reapply that lotion to your arms after every 10 minutes? No, right. The same goes for hand sanitizer. You should not overuse hand sanitizer like this as it will allow bacteria to be more resistant to the hand sanitizer and after some time it will not affect the bacteria anymore.

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