Stones That Look Like The Actual Diamond


Diamonds are beautiful and viewed as one of the most costly gemstones because of their splendid sparkle. Albeit frequently portrayed as “a young lady’s closest companion”, there has been a consistent shift to all the more financially and earth benevolent stones. These substitutes offer quality and splendor at a small amount of the cost of diamonds. One of the primary reasons why individuals purchase diamonds is because of gemstones’ durability and sparkle. We have accumulated a rundown of stones that look like diamonds, read about those stones beneath. 


Moissanite has earned its spot as number one with the best generally speaking numbers and costs. This gemstone is naturally happening, yet very uncommon, silicon carbide. It wasn’t until the 90’s that researchers had the option to reproduce this mineral and develop it into moissanite. It was never made for supplanting a diamond, yet rather to have its own properties and attributes. 

If you are searching for a gemstone that can retain the trial of time, moissanite comes as close as anyone might imagine. With an amazing 9.5/10 on the scale of hardness, moissanite is one of the top picks for wedding bands. It beats naturally happening gemstone and comes as near a diamond as any pearl can. 

White Sapphire 

Sapphires are known for their lively blue shades and staggering use in wedding bands. White sapphire is an incredible decision if you are hoping to have a customary diamond look. They are somewhat more costly because of the sapphire’s notoriety yet are still significantly less expensive than a diamond. 

Sapphire has a great score of 9/10 on Mohs scale of hardness. This noteworthy number earned it its spot as number two. You despite everything must be wary when wearing this gemstone yet should last you for a considerable length of time to accompany legitimate consideration. A white sapphire makes an incredible option for a wedding band. 

Cubic Zirconia 

This stone has consistently persevered through some joke from films basically on the grounds that it is viewed as a “fake or unreal diamond” yet its notoriety shouldn’t prevent you from thinking about this other option. Cubic Zirconia is made in labs and in this way costs not as much as diamonds. 

One of the reasons it increased a spot at number 3 rather than 2 is a result of its durability. Astonishingly it ranges from an 8 to an 8.5/10 on the hardness scale. This is comparable to the most valuable stones, for example, emeralds or topaz. Be that as it may, it leaves this diamond elective vulnerable to gathering scratches and dulling over significant stretches of time. 

White Topaz 

Topaz is a beautiful option in contrast to a diamond. In spite of the fact that it customarily arrives in a yellow tint, topaz can likewise have a variety of colors including colorless, otherwise called white topaz. This stone has a solid similarity to a diamond and is respected for its magnificence. 

Topaz has an 8/10 on a scale of harness, this implies albeit sturdy, topaz it is more prone to scratches and blurring than a diamond. This implies while diamonds do get grimy, gentle lathery water is all that is expected to bring back its brightness. Topaz then again will require an expert polishing and sparkling each couple of years if you need it to be as splendid as a diamond. Topaz likewise has a 1.64 which implies that it won’t reflect light as brilliantly as a diamond.

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