What Is CGPA? How It Is Calculated?


Understanding The Idea Of CGPA 

First, let us understand what GPA reviewing scale means and how it has been executed in the Indian evaluating system. During your courses in colleges and Universities, you will regularly run over the term GPA. GPA is a shortened form for Grade Point Average which is a standardized technique for figuring an average grade of a student over a clear timeframe like a term on a semester. 

GPA is determined by separating the average marks of a student by the absolute credit hours that have been joined in. CGPA, then again, is a contraction for Cumulative Grade Point Average. It is specifically used so as to figure the average performance of a student all through their scholarly session. To compute CGPA you need to isolate the complete score for all subjects obtained by the all out number of went to credit hours all through the semesters. 

GPA and CGPA are set apart by a number contrary to percentages and grades and have been assigned under the Indian evaluating system. 

Comparing Indian grading System With CGPA System

If the Indian students are traveling to another country, at that point they will find that the reviewing system there is very different from here. The Indian school’s and colleges’ scholastic performance is decided with either the percentage system or the 10 point CGPA system. 

The percentage system is the one where the first marks got by the student is changed over to a percentage, after which they are assigned to a class of ranks known as divisions. Distinction means above 75%, the first division means somewhere in the range of 60 and 75%, second division means 50 and 60% and third division means 40 to half. 

On account of the CGPA, the student is granted a point structure. For instance, if an individual earns the letter An, at that point it is 9 points in the CGPA system. In a large number of abroad platforms like America and Canada, they considered a base cutoff GPA as an essential necessity to get a crack at the bachelor’s and master’s qualification programs. 

How To Compute CGPA? 

CGPA is the modern figuring of the general performance of a student from the hour of his or her registration in the building. The Cumulative Grade Point Average is the weighted average of the marks got by an individual and all the courses registered by the student. The calculations are as follows 

Absolute marks got)/(sum of max marks of each paper)) *100= Some Value 

At that point, 

Some Value/9.5= x CGPA. 

For instance, I have three subjects in which I got 70, 65, 65 and the maximum marks of each are 100. 



(200/300) = 0.66% 

Presently 0.66*100= 66% 

66/9.5= 6.94 CGPA 

Presently if you need to change over CGPA into percentage at that point 

Percentage= CGPA*10 

Therefore, in this case, the percentage is 6.94 * 10= 69.4%.

CGPA Converter Tool

If you are only able to understand the calculation as shown above and you do not want to do it on your own, you can use the online calculators to determine the CGPA value from your percentage. Percentage to CGPA calculator is an online tool designed for this task and you can make use of this tool by visiting the website from the link. This tool is very easy to understand and you can find out your CGPA value within a few seconds.

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