5 ways to say goodbye to a deceased friend


Anyone who has lost a beloved family member knows the heartache and despair that comes with saying goodbye. The pain of losing a friend is very similar. It’s such a difficult time and you need some delicate tips about how to deal with the grief in one piece. That’s why I decided to put together an article about how you can say goodbye to your dead friend in all sorts of creative ways.

  • Create a Memory Album: When you lose someone very close to you, the last thing you want to do is wallow in your grief. You want to remember them by creating an album of memories. One way to do this is by creating a Loving Memory book. Go through your loved one’s possessions and collect items related to their life. You could write brief captions in the margins of each item telling the story of how you both met and how you helped each other through hard times. Then print off a small version of the Loving Memory book and affix it to the wall where your dead friend would have stood.
  • Play his/her favorite song: As we mourn the passing of a loved one, there are certain things we do to pay tribute. Tune into an opera or visit a cemetery when you’re feeling particularly somber. But what if you could pay tribute in a more intimate way? One way is through musical tribute. Opera and cemeteries are two places where organizations allow patrons to pay their respects through song. You can also pay tribute at home by playing the favorite song of your friend.
  • Share RIP Photos and Memories Online: As you are having a hard time accepting this deep loss, you may want to share your feelings and show your support. Your friend was special to you so it would be natural for anyone who is close to you to want to express their sadness and condolences. To do so, you can use various online tools and RIP photo editors to create RIP photos and memorable moments of your deceased friend and share them on your social sites. The internet is filled with RIP photo editors and tools, and it is pretty easy to find one.
  • Plant A Tree: Memories are powerful. They can enhance our lives, help us heal, and expand our horizons. They can even help us find our way back to life. Planting a tree in memory of a friend who has passed away can bring you comfort and happiness, while simultaneously honoring their memory and helping keep the relationship between you and your friend strong. 
  • Plan a Memorial Release: Memorials are a time for us to pay our respects to those who have passed away. There are many ways one can take this opportunity to show their loved one how much they cared. One simple way is to plan a memorial release with balloons or butterflies. This simple act of kindness can send a strong message that shows your loved one was very much appreciated and appreciated every moment they were alive.






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