Global Issues Of Concern


Globally there are many issues which are indirectly and directly affecting our lives and some steps should be taken against them to secure our “Future life”. “Global Issue” share those issues which are not affecting a particular nation but all the nations in this world are getting affected by these issues. With further development of all the nation some issues can be covered with it but some issues are there which need our direct attention.

Globally many “Small Issues” are occurring everyday which can be controlled if we are more aware of the situation and we are able to deal it yourself without the need of any further assistance from anyone else but here we are discussing some issues which are the global issue and every other nation is dealing with these issues.


“Pollution” is the biggest “Global Issue” which need to be taken into consideration by all the nations. Pollution is severely increasing with everyday and we need to stop this pollution by taking some big steps towards it. “Unhealthy Lifestyle” and “Low Lifespan” or “Life Expectancy” of people is only because there is pollution in our surroundings which is creating problem for every individual.

Climate Change

This is another issue which is created by the “Human” itself. We humans are cutting the trees, burning them and throwing waste in the water bodies which pollutes them. “Trees and Plants” are those nature essential which brings rains and increase the “Groundwater” level but due to deforestation there is a change in climate which is why the heat waves are more commonly seen these days. “Temperature” is becoming hotter and hotter with time and some strong measure needs to be taken to stop or slow down this “Climate Change”.


“Lesser Job Opportunities” for the youth or the non deserving candidates getting the job is the biggest reason behind Unemployment in every nation. This issue has created many problems in many households every nation. Deserving candidates who are abe to contribute to society more than the undeserving candidates are sitting home without any opportunities.


“Terrorism” is an issue over the world which is creating fear, sense of insecurity, violence and fear of death. Terrorists attacks the people of nations and with every terrorist attack more innocent people are getting killed or injured. This makes the people to feel more fear in their everyday life. The enforcement of law and serious punishments and actions for terror crimes should be made for “National Security”. High priority should be given to the “Defence Forces” and “Defence Technology” to fight this “Global Issue”.

Hunger and Malnutrition

Maybe this ia not a problem in Developed Countries but even though they have developed so much so areas are left behind which suffer the problem of “Hunger and Malnutrition”. It is most common in developing and underdeveloped economies but this is a “Global Issue” as there are many parts even in the developed nations which do not have access to food and if they have access to the food is not of good nutrition quality.

Here are some major issues which are globally spread and which needs special attention from all the nations. After working in these sectors we should proceed to the next major issues.

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