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There is always a benefit if you know about all the fabrics around you, the most common fabrics that you see every day have the most demand and they are more durable that’s why they are so common with people. Before you go and buy something for yourself you always check the quality of the product and then you compare the price of the product with its quality. So, if it is genuine and not man-made fabric, you would not hesitate while buying and paying the right amount for the product. 

There are so many fabrics around us and while choosing the best for ourselves we get a little confused. If you are also confused while choosing the right fabric for your body, then you can click here and you will be redirected to a website made for such people who find it difficult to choose the right stuff for themselves.

One of the best and luxury looking fabrics is silk, which is loved by everyone and it has a quality to grab everyone’s attention anytime, anywhere. The silk fabric is made by a silkworm which is most commonly found in regions like Asia, China, and Europe. The fabric is very costly and mostly luxury products are made of silk. Silk is very durable and it feels very soft to the skin and on the other hand, it adds charm to the overall beauty of the product. There are numerous varieties present in silk and every fabric has its own special quality. Read about all those fabrics and their special qualities here.

Crepe Silk Back Satin

This kind of silk fabric is very common with party dresses that shine out in any sort of event. Most people prefer buying prom dresses, bridal gowns, and formal wear in this fabric as it is medium-weighted, reversible, elastic, and has a shining front satin weave and dull back crepe weave. This kind of silk looks luxurious and it has been considered the best for any sort of event.


Charmeuse is another very common silk fabric but it is different from the Crepe Back Satin as it is not reversible and it is more lightweight as compared to that. It has a shiny front and a dull backside and it feels very soft. This sort of silk fabric is used to make Loungewear, lingerie, High-quality linings, blouses, and evening dresses.


Chiffon is a slippery and very light kind of fabric made with tightly twisted single crepe yarns and plain weave. The fabric is very light., soft, and thin as compared to Georgette and it is really hard to cut and sew Chiffon dresses. Chiffon dresses are also very common with girls and it is also used for making nightgowns, scarves, and linings.


Georgette is heavier than chiffon and it is not as soft and thin as compared to the Chiffon fabric. Georgette is made by two highly twisted S and two highly twisted Z yarns. The Georgette fabric is more common in daily life as compared to chiffon and any other silk fabric. The major quality of this fabric is that it doesn’t leave any sewing marks or pin marks and does not hold any crease. Most common products made out of this fabric are blouses, evening dresses, scarves, and Bias-cut flared skirts.

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