Look Cool with Penny Boards


Want to impress a guy/girl?Do you want to look cool in front of your crush?  Do you want people longing for what you have? Or mom and dad, do you want your children to think that their parents are the coolest parents ever? Then what are you waiting for? Learn how to ride a penny board and increase your cool quotient by a hundred points!

I know you might be thinking that what the hell is a penny board? A penny board is a plastic board with four wheels attached to it’s bottom..it is a kind of skateboard but it is in plastic. Here is a detailed preview of how to use a penny board

  • Leg Placement: Firstly , you need to figure out that in what positions your legs would be, that is, one leg would be in the front and the other would be at the back pushing the board..figure out if your right or leg right would be placed in the front by asking anyone to push you while you are on the board and the leg that will naturally come down to push will become your permanent position while you ride..or you can give trial and error method a whip in order to discover your riding skill(do not hurt yourself during this process)
  • Strike a balance: Just because of it’s small frame, penny boards are a little tricky to learn how to balance, so practice balancing yourself several times before using it on full speed…try to practice on a flat surface and in a controlled environment (USE PROTECTIVE GEAR FOR EXTRA PROTECTION) in order to get some confidence on the penny board.
  • Need for speed: Just when you are confident about your balancing technique, shift your focus towards gaining a little momentum on the penny board…make sure that one of your leg is in front of the board and is absolutely straight..and the other leg is hanging in the air, horizontal to the board..the hanging leg’s work is to push the ground and make the board push into the direction you want to go to. The leg hanging in the air is supposed to push you repeatedly in order to gain a little speed..and when you need to slow down, put the hanging foot down and push yourself..in this process you might fall down sometimes, but that’s just how you learn how to operate the penny board.
  • Perfect the turns: Learning how to turn is purely based on how you control your body on the board (otherwise you can bump into things or people-you need to perfect it)..basically when you lean forward while putting pressure on the sides of the penny board, you will turn to the side in your face’s direction..but if you lean backwards while putting pressure on the sides, you will turn in the opposite direction of your face.,in order to make things more interesting, you can practice it again and again so that you can travel your penny board in zigzags (mostly for fun and surely to avoid speed bumps, stones or any hurdle for that matter).
  • Halt it: Bumps, cracks, bruises can be avoided only when you learn this step properly..halting is more complicated than starting..just put your hanging leg softly on the ground to slow down and eventually stop(you need to judge your speed accordingly).
  • Tricks: In order to do some tricks on the board, perfect your way to ride (as it is a little difficult because of the size).

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