What invention will be popular in 20 years

When we look at what has been invented and become popular to date…. what invention will be popular in 20 years, which inventions do we know about, Invention of the telephone, the invention of the camera. So when we look at the areas where people are struggling today or might be struggling tomorrow we will come to the conclusion that mobile technology would be one of the most important areas where we can invent new things and make a change in people’s lives.

Technology advances on a daily basis. It becomes increasingly difficult to predict how technology will look in the future, just like no one would have envisioned smartphones and tablets, just 17 years ago. Here are some of my predictions of what will be popular in 20 years whenever it is that time comes, in the Year of Invention.

Cars will probably drive themselves.

The world of technology has always been advancing and will continue to do so. Since the creation of the telephone in 1876, we have invented a multitude of other pieces of technology. Today, we surround ourselves with technological devices every day. It’s hard to imagine that just 20 years ago, people had flip phone phones that dialed and connected to a landline system. Now, smartphones are a must-have for nearly every adult.

The aircraft will be electric.

The advent of the Internet and mobile technologies is only the beginning. The future will be an exciting time of advancement in technology, with new innovations and devices being released seemingly every day. With this predicted growth in technology, I have come up with a few ideas as to what might be popular 20 years into the future.

Space travel will be a common thing.

When people think of the future, they tend to imagine things that are “out-of-this-world” things aliens would do. While if you look deeper, we know so far it’s not true — there’s nothing beyond what we currently call “outer space” (Well, except for dark matter and dark energy but let’s leave that for Physics majors). Space travel will be a common thing.

Windmills will be even more popular than they are today.

Windmills will be even more popular than they are today. Considering that wind turbines take a lot of space and cost a great deal to build and maintain, this would not be possible in the near future. In many areas of the world, there is a lot of wind energy available, which can’t always be harvested due to a lack of money and resources. However, in the year 2036, electricity will be generated by harnessing wind but modern-day windmills will provide enough energy to power homes, offices, and even industries.


I predict that in 20 years there will be many more ways to communicate with one another. I predict that there will be implanted cell phones giving us the ability to communicate with another person at any distance with just a click of a button. I also believe that there will be technology where we can see and hear others no matter how far they are or what technology they have.


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