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Nevada, USA, 1 December 2020: This is twenty first century my friends, people believe in investing their time in technology rather than having real life face-to-face conversations. This is the era of compact mobile phones and the sleekest laptops. This is the era of online payments and e-wallets, apparently carrying normal wallets is old fashioned(this is honestly a relief though,carrying wallets cover up half of the handbag and god save you in case you lost a wallet). This is the era of e books instead of real books(nothing can beat the smell of books though). This is the era of Netflix and chill instead of dining out(both are equally awesome). This is the era of Whatsapp and Instagram.

People who have lived in the ninety’s would totally agree with me when I say that there has been a major shift in the way we live our life, technology has made our life easier but ironically it has also made our life complicated. Wherever I go, I see teenagers, children stuck on their phone scrolling through social media. Also, many children have started online gaming instead of playing outside, what is so great about it? Apparently it is so addicting that even elders have started playing games online. Many people of my family ,who by the way ,hated using technology are addicted to online gaming, they even fight with each other, they yell at each other while playing. So, as an experiment I thought of trying this online gaming and seeing what all this fuss is about.

Nevada, USA, 3 December 2020 : So this gaming world seems a little bland and boring to me. I mean there is nothing so alluring about gaming that people are so addicted to it, I mean yes, I enjoy gaming to an extent but I get bored and fall out of these games. Moreover, my eyes pain a lot when I am constantly on the phone. But I will continue this for a week because I want to see how this ends up.

Nevada, USA, 7 December 2020: Okay, this is the sixth day and now I see why people are so into online gaming. I mean, first it seemed boring and I thought I would not be able to continue this experiment but surprisingly even I started loving this time of online gaming, I usually lost track of time while gaming and would spend hours at an end on the phone on various games. I started behaving like the rest of my family members yelling at the screen and gaming even while eating. I lost track of my meals and my work, I stopped bathing and my room stinked because I never cleaned it. But while gaming I had one problem, I got stuck on certain levels because these games required certain gems to boost my power which I did not have and I was not willing to spend my money. I told this situation to my niece, who is eight years old by the way, she told me a simple solution, she directed me to clash royale gem generator.

God bless my wonderful niece as because of her I can play in peace and without interruption. This experiment ended with me addicted to technology and becoming an expert gamer.

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