Rock On FIFA!


Getting together with friends and family poses as a refreshing and recharging change in our lives, especially when we are engrossed in our work for hours at end, be it the office work , be it household chores or back to back online classes, everything takes a toll on your energy. So, a break is much required to regain our enthusiasm and zest, a party facilitates that break, keeping the current pandemic in mind. Following are the tricks and tips to organize a rocking , safe and mess free party, keeping the Covid 19 protocols in mind of course.

1) Invites– Invite only a limited number of people(about 10-15) so that Covid protocols are followed properly. Moreover, it is more fun to enjoy in 10-15 people’s company rather than a lot. Also, lesser the people, lesser the mess in your house.

2) Arrange party snacks– Rather than arranging full meals arrange party snacks like pizza, fries, burgers, nuggets, sodas, chips, nachos, dips etc so that everyone is able to eat while partying and much crockery is also not required.

3) Sanitizers everyone– Before inviting everyone inside, make sure everybody is properly sanitized and ask everyone to wash hands. Also place sanitizers in the party venue to ensure safety of your guests.

4) Game night– Organize game nights to engage your guests. A fantastic online game like FIFA can prove to be a hit among your guests and fifa generator helps in generating coins for free in the game in order to build a team. Trust me, it is really fun.Also, games like Mario Kart and San Andreas is a good option.

5) Disposable– Make sure to use disposable crockery to avoid any breakage of expensive china and disposable crockery can be discarded after use, there is no need to clean the crockery.

6) Decorations– Party decorations can charge a bomb, especially in the time of pandemic, so those Diwali lights lying in the bed can come in handy. These lights look beautiful and does not burn a whole in your pockets, in fact , they can be available at your own home.

7) Music and dance– You can organize a karaoke night or a dance competition to spice things up at the party. People will surely enjoy this part because music and dance are therapeutic in themselves.

8) Acquainted: Get everyone acquainted to each other so that people can enjoy each other’s company and you, the host don’t have to worry about running around the party entertaining each and every guest.

9) Inform your neighbors: Make sure to inform your neighbors about the party because in case of late nights and loud music, they are patient enough to not to call the cops on you. Also, try to be nice to them and invite them if possible because then, you will not be reported probably.

10) Pre-Order everything in advance: Try to order everything in advance because leaving things for last minute will make you end up in a mess and you will yourself not be able to enjoy your own party.

So, keep all the above mentioned points in advance and be ready to party! Also, do not forget, be safe and careful.

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