CaptionBuzz the Sunset!


Kirti, Yash, Kusha and Dolly were damned tired of their daily routine in the Covid 19 times. All they did was work work and work, they felt like they were stuck in an all together different dimension. They were working in a huge Multi National Corporation together and were really close buddies, so they used to hang together in breaks and after working , but due to these corona times all of them were forced to work from home and they got so bored without each other’s company. They missed complaining about their incompetent rude bosses ,they missed judging people’s dressing sense, they missed ranting about the awful food the canteen served, they missed having tea breaks together. They got bored of their monotonous life and planned to take a break. They decided to go on a Christmas trip to Goa, basically every one they know were going to Goa and they decided that enough is enough and they needed to make that trip too. So, they took permissions from the parents, got aware about the safety guidelines of the flight, booked the tickets, booked the hotel rooms and made sure it was safe in the Corona times.

Four of them were super excited as they were out on a holiday after a long time, moreover, Kusha was about to get married in three months, this was her last bachelor trip. They landed on Goa airport on twenty fourth December and they straight away headed to the hotel, they checked in their rooms and made themselves comfortable. They unpacked their bags and relaxed in their rooms for a while, after that they changed their clothes and ate something as all of them were starving. They decided to go on the most famous beach of Goa first, that is, Baga beach. They hired beach beds and relaxed there with their sunglasses on , they ordered their desired drinks and enjoyed the waves and the breeze their, but unfortunately the beach was too crowded, so they decided to go to a shack and eat something first. They had their food and decided to go to a Christmas Eve party happening ten kilometres away, so they hired a cab and went to the party. They enjoyed the party to their fullest and planned to came back to the hotel. They clicked a lot of pictures and danced their heart out.

Next day, they decided to hire two wheeler for themselves as that was the real Goa experience, they went to one of the most famous spot in Goa among the youngsters now, that is Vagator beach , it was a serene place and all of them headed towards a famous restaurant that overlooked the beach and had major hipster vibes, the place was full of foreigners and Indians alike, it was beautiful. The four of them were able to get a table at the edge and their they enjoyed the sunset. What a view that was!

For the next day, they had planned to do some water sports and they enjoyed themselves to the core! The last day the kept for relaxing the whole day and partying the whole night. They again danced their heart out and clicked in-numerous pictures. Next day, they had to return to reality , but they enjoyed this short trip thoroughly. While on the plane Yash asked Kirti ” I am scrolling through all the pictures, I realized that I have so many sunset pictures, which are amazing from Instagram, but where do I get some amazing captions to go along with them?” to which Kusha replied-“That’s easy dumbo, you can get best sunset captions from the internet, I will help you. ”

Now all of them were dreading going back to work, but they were taking truck load of memories with them.

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