Joker as a Psychopathic role


Joker is one of the most mysterious characters I have ever found. It is a psychopathic character doing whatever he likes. You can’t even think of the present state of the joker’s mind. He is quite unstoppable without any strong plan. He built a destructive set of mind and applied it to destroy the world. It is one of the important points you must know about, the reason behind his psychopathic nature. It is due to an intrusive incident that occurred in the past that changed him into this character.

A decade before, an incident occurred to his family. His family suffered psychological pressure due to the government’s wrong decision. He lost his property and lived like a vendor moving from one place to another, in search of food. He went to different companies in search of jobs but was denied by the manager. Begged for food from door to door but he was treated very rudely by the people. As the day passed, he found it extremely difficult watching his family starve. He started stealing for livelihood at the beginning, and slowly his crime rate increased day by day. He even injured people for money and food. Time passed, and one day he lost his family. This incident converted him into a psychopathic person.

Now he is a full psychopathic person. He painted his face and continued the crime at a greater rate. Because he made his mind of taking revenge upon what has happened to his family, he has painted his hair green and gave himself a joker look so that the people cannot understand or read his mind. One of the other reasons he took a joker appearance is to give himself a fake smiley look. He cannot forget his past, the problems that his family has suffered. He cannot bring a smile to his face, rather he emits a smiling face. But we know that the wrong deeds and wrong people do not last long. The crime that the joker has convicted was not forgivable. So, in the end, he was arrested and imprisoned.

While the Joker is portrayed as a negative character in the DC universe, there are millions of fans of this character all over the world. There are franchises that are made around the character of Joker. One of the most interesting products related to Joker is the funko pop joker. It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that the funko pop joker is one of the favorites for kids and adults alike.

The character of the joker has put an impressive impact on the outer world. The toy industry started manufacturing joker toys in different looks which is liked by children. Many toy industries produce different items for kids but the funko pops are giving better results. The funko pops have brought the toy industry to such a stage that they are trying to give it a real look to these pops. And now it has taken a huge market all over the world.

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