Prizeo to the rescue!


                                                                             Is Anything Legit?

New Delhi, India: Disheartening is an understatement when I start to describe about the situation I witnessed not very long time ago. I had a very wrong impression of the society, I was seriously under the impression that no matter what, the people of our country are at least kind towards the needy and helpless. I have seen so many people like actors, politicians, sport stars making donations and helping out the unfortunate(probably that was just to build a positive image in the society) . Supposedly,I was in my bubble, which had to burst and that too, in a very harsh way.

I have been earning for quite some time now, I had a thought of donating something so that I could help the society in a small way, after all, every penny matters. From the past one year, I have been researching for some place to donate but all I came across was sham places. I once visited an orphanage , what I saw there was nothing short of shocking- The place I went to donate had a warehouse, I followed a man to the storage place,to my surprise it was full of donated wheat, rice, lentils, cereals, etc which was on SALE! Yes, you read it right, the warehouse of the orphanage was full of donated items unlike the stomachs of the children in the orphanage- empty.The things which were meant to be given to the poor children were on sale so that the people who were running the orphanage could earn more to fill their pockets and on the contrary, those poor kids were famished. Seeing their situations brought tears in my eyes. I tried to complaint about this particular orphanage but to no avail.I felt agitated, frustrated and somehow betrayed.  Obviously, I refrained from donating at that place.

On New Year’s Eve, I decided to distribute quilts to the unfortunate, people living on the streets because obviously they are required in the cold weather but even that attempt was futile because the quilts that I purchased for ₹350, the men I gave them to sold them for mere ₹50 and purchased alcohol instead. They were only worried about their addiction rather than their living, which was again very disappointing.
I felt like slapping those particular men because instead of fending for their family, they were more concerned about their ill-habits and addiction, that night, I cried tears of pain. I felt helpless and useless, despite of my will to help them, I was not able to.
I narrated the same incidents to my colleague, hearing that I felt dejected and disappointed ,she told me that she has faced the same situations, but then she found prizeo. I asked her what is this as I was really confused and clueless. She told that  Prizeo was founded in 2013, it is a fundraising platform for celebrities to grasp their fan base to contribute to charitable causes. It is a technology-based service that allows celebrities and charitable organizations to acquire funds by running campaigns for fans.With the help of this organization, celebrities have made it possible for their fans to meet and rendezvous with them. They create sweepstakes, so their fans can win a once in a lifetime experience .
I asked my friend that “Is prizeo legit? ” She further told me that the donations we make to enter the sweepstakes adds funds to the charity cause supported by the celebrity. Though donations are not mandatory, players can get free entries through the form.The winners are selected randomly by a random number generator.
It surely seemed like a legit organization and it surely was. I gave prizeo and CRY a chance and found out that every thing was hundred percent transparent and although I did not win anything, but I am satisfied that at least I could help by donating. Just wish that such things keep coming up and people do donate.

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