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The world has come to a standstill, the standards of our health is declining, people are dying of serious illnesses and who is to be blamed? After entering the thirties, our bodies grow accustomed to catch diseases, why is that, what is the reason behind it? No matter where we see or who we meet, everyone is knee deep into medicines. I have personally met people in their late twenties who are facing health troubles that are usually an issue with people in their fifties. Who or what is to blamed? Junk food. It is a study that an average American adult consumes junk food at least once in three days and teenagers consume it at least once in two days, that’s the reason why there are new outlets opening so frequently. After personally conducting a survey, I have concluded that following are the most common problems faced by the youth

1) Obesity: Obesity is the most common problem in today’s youth and the main reason for this issue is junk food. The intake of junk food is so much that the fast food centers are bustling with people. People in America have substituted their average meals to the meals present at fast food chains. Eating junk food not only makes them gain weight but  also exposes them to a lot of risks.
2) High cholesterol: High cholesterol is one of the biggest issue in junk food consumers. Fast food is cooked in a lot of trans fat oil which is really bad for the cholesterol levels.
3) Diabetes: Diabetes is nowadays an everyday affair for people above 35(mostly). The insulin production of our body reduces and thus, the sugar we intake does not process. Diabetes happens when the intake of sugar and fried food increases.
4) High blood pressure: Junk food contains unprocessed spices and harmful chemicals too. Generally, fast food contains high amounts of salts which is not suitable for our body and it’s functioning which results in higher pressure of blood which leads to a plethora of health problems.
5) Heart problems- All the above mentioned problem leads to various heart problems. Nowadays, people mostly die of a heart stroke which is the result of bad eating habits and no perpetual exercises. Personally, I have seen people in their thirties dying of a stroke just because they lead an unhealthy and tarnished lifestyle.
6) Cavities- Consuming high amounts of sugar and sweet products leads to the corrosion of tooth enamel and thus, leading to cavity in teeth.
7) Cancer-There is a strong evidence that the increase in blood glucose and insulin after eating food is a cause of endometrial cancer.
Most foods undergo some form of processing before consumption. More highly processed foods undergo industrial processing and are often higher in energy and lower in micro nutrients. Leading of life in this way would result in nothing but health problems and heart diseases, having unhealthy food might even result in death, so get up, find health stores near you and take care of yourself and your loved ones.

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