Hair Serum that Works Wonders!


Since a very long time, centuries now, hair on your head has been truly significant of beauty and elegance..the woman who has beautiful hair were considered more attractive by suitors(men) and the society..imagine, there is even a fairy tale named Rapunzel in which the lead character has beautiful, long, luscious hair..she was considered gorgeous!! Then, a lot of tricks were used to get the desired hair..just like using henna, or using eggs as a conditioner or using different types of other things to give a good volume, strength and shine to their tresses.

Nowadays, people resort to various treatments, products, etc to achieve the desired hair as now we have open access to various(read: innumerable) options of products to improve the quality and quantity..both of our hair. But, also with the emergence of chemical induced products, there is a lot of issues of hair fall, dandruff, roughness, dryness, patchy and scaly scalp and what not.

Personally, I have myself faced a major crisis of hair loss through my childhood and teenage life(it is torturing..I must tell you-for a child of that age especially)..I used a plethora of products-some of which were a mere waste of money..but some worked fact, there are some sure shot products and treatments that have been proven to be beneficial for every woman out there.

  1.  Hair oil: There are certain types of oils that are suitable for hair textures. Hot oil massages(not too hot) activate the hair cuticles, which gives a push to hair to grow. Olive oil and coconut oil are the lightest and the easiest to wash off(other oils are greasier)
  2.  Nourishing shampoos: Shampoos clean the dirt from your hair and scalp, they also nourish the roots and keep them strong and healthy. Sulphate free shampoos are a better option for already damaged hair.
  3.  Conditioners: Conditioners or hair masks help the hair to become softer and shinier. They provide a bounce to the hair which makes it look heavier. It is recommended to use a hair mask or conditioner of the same brand of the shampoo you use.
  4.  Hair masks: Hair masks helps the scalp to remain hydrated and helps the hair to be frizz free and also, it reduces hair breakage and damage. Ask an expert if your hair needs a mask or a conditioner.
  5.  Hair serums: Hair serums are usually used after hair washes or before bed (should be left in to be absorbed) serums are used to stimulate growth, prevent dandruff and improve blood circulation..if the ordinary hair serum reviews are to be believed-it’s regular usage results in healthier, thicker, and denser-looking hair for all types of scalps.
  6.  Hair Mousse: This product is usually used to give some instant volume to the hair..especially when you have to style it for some occasion.
  7.  Heat protecting spray: A lot of styling tools used(like hair dryer, hair straightner, hair curler,etc) are used on a daily basis, which causes a major damage to the quality of your hair, so to protect the damage done to your hair, a heat protecting spray should be used.

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