Pros at Comic Book Decor!


Kunal and Raghav are my best friends..we work in the same office(my name is Sana)..yesterday, I met these clowns after a week(I was out for a holiday-that too, during the pandemic-score!)..I found out that they had a huge fight with each other..I mean I asked them for a tea break, no one replied..then I asked for lunch, then only Kunal showed up..and both of them were acting like stubborn idiots and were not ready to tell me that what went downhill, this drama went on for another week..ughh, it was so exhausting to keep up with two people who are not on talking terms.

Although both of them made me promise that I would not meddle in this situation, but being the nosy friend that I am..I arranged a meeting for them(which both of them were not aware of)..I convinced Kunal to go on a blind date with one of my college friend, to which he happily agreed..while I managed to call Raghav on the pretext of free dinner(freebie guy he is)..the venue I gave to both of them was the same..both of them reached the venue on the time I gave and I knew they would over react when they will see each other..but I had to emotionally blackmail them in order to patch things up(I know blackmailing is unhealthy, but desperate times calls for desperate measures).

Then comes the time when my boys came face to face..I expected that they would run away as soon as they will see each other..but I was wrong..they hugged each other when they discovered each other in the same place. They hugged, they patched things up and kept on saying..”Yours was equally good”, “Let’s come up with another idea”..I was a little lost, what was this actually about?

I yelled at them for not paying attention to the bewildered state I was in..I finally asked that what was the week long fight about..they sat me down and told me

Kunal: Raghav and I are huge fans of comic books, while you were away, we were discussing about comics..

Raghav: Yes, we were, we discussed about our favorite characters, plot lines that can be altered for good and how can we keep our comics intact and well preserved for the future generations to enjoy the essence of such enriching literature.

“Enriching literature is it?’ I said, rolling my eyes with a sarcastic laugh. “You guys have been fighting because of comics books, I mean I’ve been going through all this negative energy at work because of your weird obsession with comic books?” I said.

Kunal: Heyyy! It’s not weird and no we were not fighting because of comic books and yes Raghav, I agree- comics are enriching literature.

Raghav: Thanks, man! You understand my sentiments..anyway Sana, we were fighting with each other because both of us thought  we had the best comic book decor ideas individually and the other’s is not up to the mark..but I somehow realized that Kunal is a pro at it too.

Kunal: Thanks, man! I appreciate the acknowledgement and yes, I agree your ideas were amazing too!

Raghav: Thanks, mate! Love you, bro!

Then, I smirked and casually stated that they should date each other, to which they replied..

Karan: Talking of dates Sana, where is my blind date, anyway..I don’t want to spoil my Saturday night by sitting and chatting with you monkeys..

Raghav and I : Heyyyyy! Don’t be so mean!

Raghav: Let’s leave this one and go find something to eat..

(Both of them dropped me to my home and went ahead for dinner to talk about comics.)

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