How Small Towns Or Villages Are Better Than Big Cities


People generally say that life in a big city is more happening and more entertaining but they never mention the difficulties and the hectic lifestyle of an unpan person. Big City people generally compare with the small towners and point out the differences. Small town or Villages in my opinion are far better than the big cities in many ways. Yes these small towns do not enjoy amenity and facility like the big cities but living here feel much more free and less hectic. Many of you have never visited a small town or village in your whole life and never experienced how people are living there and what do they do in their whole day.  

Differentiating between small towns and big cities is not worth because they both have their own negatives and positives like everything in this world. But with experience in spending time in both places I can tell  you some advantages and facilities or you can say some key points which makes small towns better than the city.  

  • Small towns are less crowded, unlike the big cities they have a low population and you will feel very calm here as you will not see many people are around you making noises and having an argument over small things.
  • Less cars and other vehicles on the road makes the roads more free and less chances of traffic jams are here. Noise pollution created by these vehicles is very low as compared to big cities.
  • People are more helpful here and they never hesitate in helping some and offering something to someone, whereas in big cities you will see people having no interest in helping someone, all are busy in their hectic life.
  • Life in small towns is more simple and people spend their life with simple values and with no greed of money and other facilities but if I talk about the big cities people are running behind money and even after having everything they need more facilities for them.
  • Less pollution is here in small town, more clean air to enjoy and more near to nature and its beauty. Big cities have more pollution , more wastage of products and air quality is bad for our health.
  • You can spend some time with yourself here in small time while sitting somewhere without getting disturbed but in big cities you do not even have enough time to sleep properly.
  • Access to more healthy food is here in small towns and villages as compared to the big cities. Villages and small towns usually have big farmland where they grow fruits, vegetables a dopther food items which are fresh and ready to eat without any mixability.
  • People in small towns and villages are less prone to disease as they have fresh food to eat more healthy air to breathe and less stress in their mind which make them more healthy than the city people.

Some key factors in which a small town can be a better option than a big city but it does not mean that living in big cities has no advantage. People are coming here because they see some opportunities through which they can achieve their life goals. Here is my views on why small towns or villages can be a better choice for living a simple and sorted life.

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