How to kill the fear of math


I was among the kids who feared math like anything. There were days when I dreaded going to school just to get rid of the math class. There was so much fear and hatred for the subject that I even burned my textbooks one day. That was indeed a foolish thing to do and I regret doing that till this day. However, there is something that I learned over the years and today I have the confidence to tell you how you can get rid of the math fear that you have within you and become a master at the subject.

Here are some of the tips that can help you conquer the fear of math and make you a math whiz.

  1. Have sympathy

While this may seem like an odd thing to say, having sympathy for a subject can make you superior to it. Once you start treating math as something inferior to you, you will find yourself becoming better at the subject.

  1. Use online tools

There are so many online tools these days which make any kind of mathematical operations simple and easy. There are tools which make it convenient for you to focus on the real matter and get other things done faster. Truth table generator is one such tool which has helped students like me to clear the concept of truth tables really fast. I use this truth table generator till this day to get my problems solved.

  1. Teach someone

Teaching someone about the things you know helps you get a better understanding of the subject and helps you retain the subject in your memory for a longer time. This is what I used to do when I started practising math. There were other students like me who needed help. I used to reach out to those students and help them.

  1. Refer to books out of the syllabus

One of the things that makes human beings limited is their thought process. A lot of people think that it is enough to do what is given to them and be happy with it. It is not actually true. There is a lot more that can be done than what you are instructed to do. One way to do this is to refer to the books out of the math syllabus in your class. This will help you gain more exposure to the mathematical world and you will eventually become good at the subject.

  1. Live healthy

Your life and all its aspects is deeply connected to your health. When you are healthy, you have healthy thoughts. Your brain functions at its best when you live a healthy life. This ultimately helps you in becoming better at solving mathematical equations and becoming a better mathematician.

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