Religion Teaches Us What Schools Fail To


Being religious means dwelling upon the rules and norms that ensures the plain sailing for tour life. It is said that religion has answers to all our questions and solutions to all our problems. Our faith in the almighty strengthens us in many ways. Religion teaches us benevolence, loyalty, sacrifice and stability. 

We have many religions. It is considered that we have more four thousand two hundred religions in the world and in India we have around nine major religion and more than 100 religions. These nine religions constitute the 99 per cent of the religion in India and the rest one per cent are very less in numbers and are hardly counted

India is a secular country though the numbers of Hindus in the country is relatively high as compared to that of the other religions. Being secular means it does not have any religion of its own. Everybody in India is free to follow and practice any religion. 

 I come from a Marathi Hindu family and we have this tradition of following the rituals bestowed upon us by our forefathers. We are settled in Delhi for the past few decades. I was born and brought up in Delhi only. In Maharastra, the Lord Ganesha is the most venerated deity among the dwellers of the state. 


Here in Delhi, we visit Ganesha temple pon al, almost every occasion. Last time on my birthday, our entire family had gone to visit the Siddhivinayak temple. The Siddhivinayak temple timings are a bit weird and sometimes it stays closed for many hours in a row.

This temple is very beautiful and it seems that it has been crafted with the utmost care and finesse. 

There is a Ganesh statue inside the temple. The entire place is bliss in its own terms. If you ever want to have a glimpse of the architecture and works, do check Siddhivinayak temple timings. 

You can plan a trip to the place with your friends and family.

The way all the religions stay in India with brotherhood and togetherness is really fetching. People from different corners of the world travel every day to our country to visit the diversity that we have in the country. We are known of the unity despite having so many differences in regions and religions.

 Religion is a way of living life. Its teaches us the art of dealing with everything that we get across on a daily basis. All the religions have their holy books where the rules and regulations of that particular religion are depicted. Hindus have the Geeta, Muslims have the holy Quran, Christians have the bible and the sheikhs have the guru Granth saheb.

The beauty of this country lies in its diversity and the harmony that resides among the different communities.

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