Most Common Issues With Air Compressors


Each consumer of air compressors will someday have air compressor issues and repairs even if they are modern or have been in use for ages. Just one of the many challenges, like air leak, oil leak or a damaged component, can cause an air compressor malfunction. In several instances, the pressure or airflow may be unsatisfactory. The compressor may not be started or stop working as directed in many other instances. The side effects can be annoying, expensive and time-consuming regardless of the cause. Luckily, with good air compressors debugging most of these issues can be solved.

If you are going to buy an air compressor from the market or if you are purchasing it online, the first thing you need to do is the online verification of the products details, functionality, usage and rad out the ratings and reviews of the product you are going to buy from various websites and compare it with different brands, same model. 

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Here are some major problems that customers deal with when they use air compressors at home or at some industrial workspace.

Air Compressor Is Noisy

Noise levels can be an indicator of compressor issues. A compressor can operate noticeably louder than normal for many factors. The cause is often loose bits, like a flywheel, a pulley or belt. It could also lead to the crankcase being insufficient or in the device itself being a concern.

Oil Leakage Issues

For the smooth running of the compressor, oil is crucial. A spilled gasket, broken cylinders or tired piston or air filter may lead to burning by your compressor very rapidly. Instead, the system can be mounted improperly, uneven rates can cause a compressor to tilt and release the gas.

Not Generating Enough Pressure

We all buy air compressors to compress the air but when the air compressor fails to generate the pressure or there is an issue in retaining the air pressure into the tank, it means you air compressor have some issues like loose belts, air leaks from the tank, or any restriction while air intake. It may be possible that you are putting more pressure on a unit that is not designed for that much power.

Air Compressor Does Not Start Or Stop

Normally a lack of power or fuel can lead to an air compressor not starting. Test all attachments and test your unit’s oil level. Test the source of power and all connectors if your air compressor abruptly stopped functioning. If this does not solve the issue, it may be worth replacing your unloader valve.

Air Compressor Part Need Repairs Or Replacement

If your air compressor has stopped suddenly while working look for some kind of broken parts inside and outside the air compressor as it may be possible that the broken part is the only issue for air compressor not working properly. Replace or repair the part and get it fixed by an expert and start using your air compressor once again.

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