Things To Do With The Gymnastics Cheese Mats


The first run through introducing a child to the gymnastics cheese mat will undoubtedly get giggling. No, they don’t taste or smell, or even appear as though the cheese they’re utilized to, But the name gymnastics cheese mat has stuck and they are still alluded to as such in many gyms. 

If you already have some different gymnastics mats and are looking to include another bit of gymnastics equipment for your home, this is a standout amongst other gymnastics mats. Like most gymnastics mats, the cheese mats arrive in an assortment of sizes. Different sizes will help with different exercises yet here is a basic rundown of what you can do if you choose to invest in a gymnastics cheese mat


Forward rolls – starting at the head of the mat, move to the base. It truly helps little youngsters and beginners that aren’t exactly ready to push much with their legs to turn over. It tends to be alarming for a few so be aware of this, as they are going topsy turvy on an inclined surface and feel lost body control. 

Jump rolls – work up to diving moves by starting the move on the ground before the mat. This takes a child to leap into the roll. For adults or taller kids, start somewhat further back or set up a hindrance before the wedge to hop over and into the roll. 

Back rolls – start these sitting on the head of the cheese, facing ceaselessly. Fold back and into the back roll. 

Back expansion rolls – starting standing before the mat, sit back onto it, and initiate back move with straight arms overhead, hands face in. Land in a push-up position. 

Log rolls – this is the most basic type of rolls, going evenly down. Adults and more seasoned kids would require a huge measured mat to log move down, yet little youngsters can do it on the littler preschool estimated wedge. 

Handstand-forward rolls – practice handstand folds by kicking up into a handstand not long before the mat, fold and move down the mat. 


Doing bridges on the mat with your hands at the low end and feet at the top will help take a shot at your extension quality, as it is more difficult for the chest area. Bridging with hands at the top and feet at the base is easier if your chest area isn’t exactly sufficiently able to hold an extension on the ground. 


To utilize the mat for back bending I exhort you to move it so the top is against a divider or it is on a non-slipping surface. Remain at the base of the wedge and go into your backbend from that point. This is for somebody who is extremely near getting a backbend all alone. 


Extension up with feet at the top of the line. Practice back walkovers by kicking each leg over in turn. A front walkover can likewise be rehearsed by hand standing on the head of the mat, kicking over into the walkover, coming up each leg in turn. 

Back Handsprings 

The cheese mat is regularly utilized for back handspring practice, however, there are chances involved. Going downhill, there is more weight put on the arms and wrists in this skill so be mindful of possibly attempting it when you are ready.

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