Most Developed Cities In The State Of Maharashtra


Maharashtra is the third largest state of India with the second most number of people living in the entire state. The richest city in India which is Mumbai belongs to this state only. There are many other cities in Maharashtra which are developing and generating employment for the youth of Maharashtra. Although all the cities here are still developing those who are developing are considered as the most developed cities as compared to the other cities.

Cities that are developing at a very fast pace in this state are those that come under the scheme of PM Modi of smart city development mission. Such developing cities are going to be mentioned here. Let’s have a look at the most developed cities in the state of Maharashtra below.


Mumbai is the fifth most populated city in the whole world and the second most populated city of India after Delhi. Mumbai is the richest city in India as there are many industries and many big names who live in this city. Mumbai is also known as the city of dreams as people from many parts of India come here to fulfill their needs and desires. Although living in Mumbai is very costly and an average person may find it very difficult to survive here, that average person can get a good job in his or her area of interest very easily if he or she is capable.


Pune is the second most preferred city after Mumbai for the people seeing employment, household amenities or to start a new business. Everything is available here for the person who wants a good standard of living. Many youths from nearby states like Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Gujarat come here to work in big corporates. Pune’s cost of living expenses is a little low as compared to Mumbai. As compared to living in an apartment here, you will save much more money in comparison to Mumbai. Overall, you can have a better quality of life if you are living in Pune.


Nagpur is the third best city to live and work in in Maharashtra, the city has less traffic, less population and on average all the basic things nearby that a person would need. Moreover, building your own house here is cheaper in comparison to other Maharashtrian states. The cost of hiring construction companies in Nagpur is less and the cost of renting houses is also less. But when you compare it with cities like Pune and Mumbai, you will find fewer job opportunities here but the simplicity in life is more as compared to these big cities.


Aurangabad is a city for people who want to live in a city with every human facility near them yet they want to live close to nature and enjoy the calmness of nature. Aurangabad has both job opportunities or business opportunities for the youth and the work-life balance for the humans seeking some stability in their life. Once you are here, you would love this place as it has some beautiful attractions and the cost of living your life here is not that high as compared to any other big city of Maharashtra which is developed or developing India at a faster pace.

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